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Sew Hungry 2022

Restaurant and food truck rally

Zero Waste

April 22, 2019

This year’s event will be fast-tracking last year’s green efforts to become a completely zero waste event. 

What is Zero Waste?

Well, zero waste means that the generation of waste is reduced through re-use, recycling or taking appropriate action through planning and engineering to avoid waste product. And what that look like for this year’s event is that some of our vendors like Andiamo Italian have opted to use of biodegradable cutlery.  Ottawa Street veteran restaurants Boon Burger has been at the forefront of such initiatives, all the plastic they receive from packaging is compostable and recyclable.

However, the key efforts with creating a zero-waste event is the numerous waste stations that will be located at the event.  Councillor Nrinder Nann and volunteers from Ward 3 will be assisting attendees sort out their food waste at 5 designated waste stations along Ottawa Street (one for each food zone).

Of worthy note and an integral to positive experience of Sew Hungry over the last years is Laidlaw Memorial United Church. The Building creates more energy than it uses because of its solar panels. Over the last 9 years more than 160 000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide has been saved through better building lighting and heating system. For the event the building will be used a stage for various bands, a nursing station for mothers and their babies, as well as offering an accessible washroom.

Volunteers needed

We are looking for volunteers to pioneer this movement on the day of the food truck festival. Email for more information, using the subject line “volunteer”.