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Sew Hungry 2022

Restaurant and food truck rally

Tiny Tom Donuts is back for third year in a row!

April 29, 2015

We caught up with Enza Yayros of Tiny Tom Donuts to  chat about Sew Hungry 2015!

When did you open your truck, and what inspired you to start?

The Tiny Tom Donuts truck started in 2006! Bob had worked with Tiny Tom since he was 13 years old, we have been fortunate enough that Tom chose us to have the Mobile Division.

What is your favourite dish that you serve and why? 

 We serve Mini Donuts in 4 flavours, we love Cinnamon, which is our most popular flavour!

Why are you excited for Sew Hungry this year?

We love participating in Sew Hungry, it’s our first major show of the season, this will be our third year participating.