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Texas Tornado brings the poutine to Sew Hungry 2015!

April 29, 2015

Despite the American slant on their name, the Texas Tornado food truck is known for amazing poutine, a decidedly Canadian staple.


“My husband was born and raised in Montreal where Poutine originated. He wanted to serve the best poutine anyone’s ever had and everyday we strive to do that,” explained co-owner Kim. Infact, their name is more closely linked to the old adage ‘everything is bigger in Texas’, referring to their HUGE portions.

Texas Tornado Truck #1--
They’ve been taking potato to the next level for the last four years, and tornado is another suitable part of their name, since they are on the road, having already booked 50 events this year. We’re obviously QUITE pleased they have been making time for Ottawa Street’s Sew Hungry events since we began.

“We love Sew Hungry,” said Kim, beaming. “We’ve participated in the event for the last 4 years and every year we leave there saying how much fun we had doing it. The response we get from people who visit our truck makes all the hard work worth it.”