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Sew Hungry 2022

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More reading on the food truck revolution!!!

April 29, 2015

The internet is full of awesome articles about the food truck revolution (food truck fever, food truck movement, whatever you prefer to call it) . Sew Hungry is just around the corner, and catching up to date with with the ever evolving food truck communities online is getting us in the mood for some curbside chow time!

If you’ve never visited the Toronto Food Trucks website, now’s the time. This blog and directory lists which trucks are serving that day, and includes the Hamilton and GTA. They also keep up with awesome food tuck news, like this article about how this month Toronto liscencing committee voted to reduce the 50 metre restriction rule and offer more flexible permit packages!
This article by The Toronto Star features  Gorilla Cheese and examines what a food truck owner goes through to get us our favourite meals!

TIME Magazine totally had a vision of the food truck industry back in 2012!!! Sew Hungry celebrates all the talented chefs that are the driving force behind this zany food truck revolution and we can’t wait for the community to come together for food and drink on Friday May 1st!!…/…/13/food-trucks-are-here-to-stay/

This is a great article about food trucks giving back to the community last year, and also paints a picture of a whole other demographic of food truck foodies – senior citizens!