Only 164 days away!

Sew Hungry 2022

Restaurant and food truck rally

Mike’s Subs is ready for Sew Hungry!

April 22, 2015

With 30 food trucks coming in less than two weeks, the BIA is getting ‘sew hungry’ just looking at the list. For lunch, we’ve been taking a stroll around Ottawa Street to satisfy our cravings in the 19 restaurants also participating with this year’s Sew Hungry. Today we went to Mike’s Subs at 122 Ottawa Street North.  When we got there, we met Peter, who shares our excitement for the upcoming food fest, and who made time to fill us in on some important details. Did you know Mike’s has been in the same location for 15 years? And that the company has been operating for 35?? The amazing, piled-as-high-as-it-can-get sub didn’t last long, because we scarfed it down, but we expected that would happen! If you follow our lead, you’ll get amazing service and a glimpse at the best smile on the block. Thanks Peter and everyone at Mike’s Subs!!11169928_838595756210668_4701008252272392383_n