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Sew Hungry 2022

Restaurant and food truck rally

Meet MeatVentures

April 28, 2015

We caught up with Salar of MeatVentures, a brand spanking new food truck for carnivores everywhere! Salar and his wife Jeannie started MeatVentures last summer, launching with totally awesome  video marketing for their crowdfunding campaign. Now they’re a staple in the local food truck circle, with delicious menu items like the Bacon Fatty (that’s two slices of a bacon-wrapped hickory smoked spicy sausage meatloaf with arugula, crispy onions, swiss cheese, and sriracha mayo served on grilled garlic toast- holy moly). This is their first year coming to Sew Hungry as food truck owners and operators, but they are VERY familiar with the event.

“We’ve been coming to Sew Hungry since we moved to Hamilton,” explained Salar.  “Last year when we started our street food cart, we came to Sew Hungry and did a cooking demo.  As we walked around and visited the different trucks I made it my goal to expand into a truck and be a part of Sew Hungry this year – and we did it!”