Only 48 days away!

Sew Hungry

Restaurant and food truck rally


April 30, 2019

With our event being only days away, we are trying to make sure that you are well aware of all the services available to you for the day.

Rain or Shine

We have no intention of skipping out on the event should it shower a little, but we know the rain can be cause for an unpleasant experience. Should it shower or rain, the Laidlaw Memorial Church will be open and welcome for anyone to wait it out until it stops. There will be musical performances in the church at 2pm and 7pm, so you will not lose out on any of the fun by waiting inside the church.


There will be 3 washroom and handwash stations along Ottawa St. on May 4th.  These will be located at Argyle and Ottawa mainly servicing Zone 1, then at Britannia and Ottawa serving Zone 2 & 3, lastly the parking lot of the Hamilton Regional Indian Centre serving Zone 4 & 5.

Additionally, Laidlaw Memorial Church will open up their facilities to offer an accessible washroom.

The Kids will be alright.

For all the parents coming to Sew Hungry, Laidlaw Memorial Church will be opening up their facilities to allow for a place to settled down for guardians and their young ones. Nursing facilities are available at that location as well.

Sorting Stations

This year, we are attempting to make the event Zero Waste. A large amount effort especially provided by the volunteers working on Saturday, means that there will be someone at each Food Zone’s waste station helping you sort out your food waste.

Waste Station will be located at:

Zone 1: Campbell at Ottawa Street

Zone 2: Momentum Fitness

Zone 3: Britannia Street at Ottawa Street

Zone 4: Laidlaw Memorial Church

Zone 5: Dunsmere at Ottawa


At Ottawa & Cannon, outside the Laidlaw Church, free Wi-Fi is available for you to share your food on Snapchat or Instagram stories (Use hashtag #SewHungry2019, to spread the yumminess!). Just search for the wifi name Laidlaw Guest, and use the Wi-Fi password: church155

Emergency Services

There will be Hamilton police officers patrolling the areas, ensuring your safety and comfort. Should you need any other assistance please feel free to contact the Ottawa Street Business Improvement Association at 905.544.5822